Got images + videos all over the place?

Most of us have photos and videos floating around our homes on CDs, memory cards, hard drives and laptops. But who wants to take the time to consolidate them all!? We do!

About Data/File Transfer:

This service is specifically designed for people wanting to transfer data files from mobile devices or other storage devices, so they can clear the device or create a backup. Files transferred could include JPG image files, video files and PNG files.

This service is designed to transfer data from your mobile or other storage devices to a data DVD or high-speed flash drive. By archiving your image and video files, you will be able to clear the storage on your device and have your archived files easily accessible. We provide high-speed, high quality flash drives from 4GB to 64GB as part of the Data Transfer Service. DVDs are also available, however, we strongly recommend flash drives which allow you the ability to reorganize, delete or even add additional files at a later date. Service times vary.

Data Transfers from other older media types may be available. Check with an associate for more information. Data Transfers from cloud services may incur additional charges.